I was born in Madrid on July 29, 1976. I'm the oldest of five siblings. My father was a bank employee and my mother was a teacher. My father worked in a bank and my mother was teacher. I majored in Business Administration and Computer Engineering. I have always worked in banking related positions: parental heritage I guess. When I was young I used to write short stories but I soon moved to the micro-stories universe. Some of my stories have been published in various literary contests and I am the winner of the II Short Story Contest “Míos, tuyos, vuestros" Ciudad de Elda (Spain).

"Ndura. Son of the forest" is my first book (voted as best young adult fiction for 2014 by El Economista), his second book was "Use LinkedIn as if you were an expert" written with Diego Romero Sánchez, the third "Sumalee. Stories of Trakaul", a drama one with detective and romantic plots, the fourth, "Las aventuras de Álex y Álvaro", some delicious children's stories full of activities for the little ones and the last one, "Kulap. Stories of Trakaul 2", the novel that ends the surprising saga of Trakaul. I take special pride of the versatility of the topics I write about and of the previous meticulous investigation labor I carry out before writing my books.

Anyway, who better than you, dear reader, to judge me?

Javier Salazar Calle