Kulap. Stories of Trakaul 2

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Title: Kulap. Historias de Trakaul 2

Category: Action

Date Posted: September 1, 2021

ISBN-13: 979-8468734261

Country Edition: Spain

Number of pages: 250

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After letting his beloved go, David has no choice but to become part of one of the most powerful and cruel mafias in Asia. He will have to face increasingly dangerous missions that will help him climb within the organization. Will he manage to escape from his clutches? Will he be able to flee from himself and the spiral of darkness that he is getting into? Or will he end up giving in to the darker side of him?

A story of mafias, violence and revenge with an intensity that keeps the reader in suspense until the end.

Sometimes life doesn`t offer many options and those offered don`t have to be the ones you are keen on. You don`t even have to like them.

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