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About me

Inveterate dreamer, writer of dreams, navigator of fantasies, captain of past, present and future fictions and realities, irredeemable nonconformist, hopeless sycophant, fighter of injustice, tireless provocateur, unsuccessful businessman, designer of never-published card games, aspiring martial artist, compulsive unasked opinionator, attempted blogger, avid reader, walker in forests and mountains, beach diver with mermaid pretensions, lover of unattainable sports, worshiper of Nature, person in permanent reinvention, follower of stock market graphs, curious about everything that surrounds him, stubborn as a pissed-off donkey, father in eternal learning, husband eternally in love and passionate about horchata (tigernut drink).

I was born in Madrid on July 29, 1976. I’m the oldest of five siblings. My father was a bank employee and my mother was a teacher. My father worked in a bank and my mother was teacher. I majored in Business Administration and Computer Engineering. I have always worked in banking related positions: parental heritage I guess. When I was young I used to write short stories but I soon moved to the micro-stories universe. Some of my stories have been published in various literary contests and I am the winner of the II Short Story Contest “Míos, tuyos, vuestros” Ciudad de Elda (Spain).

My books

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Ndura. Son of the forest

Can you survive alone in the jungle?

Use LinkedIn as experts do

Are you looking for a job and do not know how?

The adventures of Alex and Alvaro

Interactive stories about the adventures of two mice who discover the world and let their imagination fly.

Sumalee. Stories of Trakaul

A captivating mafia, mystery and violence story

Kulap. Stories of Trakaul 2

The expected closing of the saga